Berry Blast Cocktail


As well as a blogger I’m also a waitress/bartender and where I work we have gin days dedicated to gin obvs, we have a cocktails list with gin cocktails on that list. The one  I was drawn to is a gin berry kiss, the colour and smell is amazing.

I thought I would try it myself at home but realised I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I decided to make my own cocktail with what I had at home and its that good, I thought I just have to share it for you all to try ( If you are 18 of course ).

To make this light, pink and delicious drink you will need :


50 mls Greenalls wild berry gin

50 mls Asda summer fruits cordial

1/2 lemon juice

Apple juice

Shake and serve

Top with elder flower tonic

The good thing about this drinks recipe is that you can change it to suit yourself and apart from the gin there aren’t restrictions on what you put it.

to finish the drink off and it look 5* slice some strawberry’s and pop them in with some ice.

I hope you enjoy this cocktail if you give it a try and let me know f you have gin cocktails of your own that you would recommend.

the karenlouise xx


Minii Haul

PICT0328 (2)

Recently I was in Dublin for a day trip, called into Blanchardstown centre on the way home and bought a couple of things from penny’s and parfois.

Parfois Sahara cross bag

I already have a parfois and love it. I went for this bag as it is smaller and goes with mostly everything and its perfect for a casual night out.

Penny’s lip kit (Riot)

I didn’t know Penny’s did lip kits but when I saw this I thought it would be the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter.

Penny’s Grey Duster

I have been after one of these coats for a while yes I’ve seen them everywhere but none really caught my eye until I saw this one and I will definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

Penny’s (face mask/lip mask/ eye strips and nose strips)

I love face masks etc especially when they make my skin feel better so I had to pick some up when there was plenty to choose from.

the karenlouise


My Make Up Routine

IMG_3118 (Edited)

Recently I have changed my makeup routine and some of the products I use. I have been wearing the products in the photos above to create a natural bronzed glow.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer

I apply this first after my skincare routine and it smooths everything out, fills pores and matefies  my skin. I love that it is easy to apply.

Kat Von D Lock It

I am loving this foundation in 46 light cool, it gives the best coverage and it blends so well. I don’t need concealer with this foundation and the formula is so much smoother than my previous foundation.

Sleek Contour Pallete

This is a new favourite of mine . I’ve been using oval brushes with this to apply to the hollows of my cheeks and putting a tiny bit on my forehead and blending it,

Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer

This is an old favourite of mine that I love using instead of blusher I use this after my contour. I have been using a large brush with this and sweeping over my cheek bones, forehead and temples for that bronzed look.

Sleek Cleopatra Highlighter

This is a gorgeous, perfectly made cream and powder highlighter that looks like the most beautiful moonlight is hitting your face. I sweep this over the tops of my cheeks and nose.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

When I go for a bronzed look, I like to have fuller eyelashes. I’ve been using only one coat of this mascara.


the karenlouise


My Top 4 Foundations

PICT0097 (6)

Hello again

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am back today with my top 4 foundations. It seems like most of us are always in search for something better when it comes to our base and although we might love our current foundation, there is always something that is missing.

My biggest tip for anyone in search of the perfect foundation is to remember that your skin changes regularly, so what might have been working for you for the past few months, may all of a sudden not sit right on the skin and you may feel like your’e back on the hunt for ‘the one again’ .

Rimmel London Lasting Finish

PICT0100 (2)

I think we are all familiar with Rimmel London products and all there different foundations throughout the years. This is a foundation I use when I can feel my breakouts starting, it applies to the skin without streaking.  I would say this is a medium to full coverage. I would still use concealer with this especially for under my eyes. I would say stay away from this if you have dry skin. the shade I use is 100 Ivory and you can pick this up from a number of places.

Clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer

PICT0101 (2)

This is a recent purchase I was looking for something different because my normal foundation wasn’t really doing it for me at the time. This is a full cover foundation but feels light on the skin, for best results blend into the skin with a beauty blender. I love this foundation for during the day. I am shade 0.5 breeze and is available from any Clinique counter.

Kat Von D Lock

PICT0103 (3)

This is also a recent purchase, I wanted a full coverage foundation that basically did what it said on the tin. This is so much more than full coverage foundation it covers everything I need it to cover with out using concealer which is perfect for my heavy breakout weeks. It is best applied with a stippling brush the shade I am is 46 light cool and you can get this from Debenhams or House Of Frazer.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up

PICT0104 (4)

This is one of my old favourites especially on good skin days. It is a sheer coverage, so I would recommend for this not to be used on breakouts unless you like using plenty of concealer. Best applied with a buffing brush, I am shade 100 Ivory and you can buy this from Boots, Superdrug or your local Pharmacy.

I hope this helps some people regarding their base.


the karenlouise



June favourites

Hey folks here is another favourites for you, hope you have been enjoying my posts so far, and I hope you will you enjoy this post as well.


Recently I bought myself a camera, I have been looking for one for a while but I took my time because I wanted to find the right camera for me. I found this Polaroid and its just perfect it does everything I need it to do.


I have been reading quite a lot recently and there is one set of books I have been loving and that is The Girl Online Series by Zoe Sugg. OMG they are amazing I just haven't been able to put them down, I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


These Adidas trainers are just so comfy,I love a good pair of trainers when I just want to be relaxed and casual and these trainers are just perfect.


I'm loving Lacoste touch of pink, I was looking for a fragrance for the summer and the touch of pink is just perfect with its sweet and floral elements.


I have all different types of makeup brushes but I recently wanted to try these oval brushes and I love them. I find they are best used with cream and liquid products , the only downside is the fact that they soak up a lot of product. So small applications work best.


These witch hazel masks from The Creme shop are amazing they help my breakouts so much, the witch hazel calms and heals spots which is perfect for me. I would definitely recommend them to others.


whats your June favourites

the karenlouise xx

Shopping Haul

PICT0055 (4)

I know shopping hauls are normally done on youtube, but since I don’t have youtube, I thought why not write a blog post about it instead. Normally when hauls are done everything is bought from the one shop but everything in this haul has been bought from different places.

The striped knit jumper is from Gap, it is so soft and the material is not scratchy on the skin. I think the jumper could go with mostly anything, everyone should have one in their wardrobe.

I bought these black shoes because I was looking a comfortable pair that I could wear in or out of work.

I wasn’t really looking for another pair of trainers but I kept eyeing them up when I was in the adidas shop so I just decided to get them lol and they are so comfy.

These slip on brogues are just what I needed, they go with mostly everything I put them with, plus they are so comfy.

Tanya Burr brought out some new cosmetic products and this my escape eyeshadow pallete is one of them and I’m looking forward to trying it.

I was looking for a new concealer for under my eyes and I ordered the Maybelline eye eraser concealer and I love it, I would highly recommend it to anyone.


the karenlouise xx

April & May Favourites

It’s been a great two months and I’ve got some new favourites to share with you. The favourites may not change very much but hey that’s why they’re favourites and when you find new things that work just as well or better then your favourites are bound to change.

Rimmel Makeup Products

PICT0048 (1)

My favourite Rimmel foundation at the minute is the wake me up foundation in shade ivory. I have had this in my makeup kit for a while but only occasionally used it, but recently I have been using it quite a bit. The foundation feels light on the skin and isn’t cakey, the only downside is that it doesn’t give good coverage during breakouts.

Kate’s Rimmel lipsticks have been a bit of a favourite over the last while because there is a good selection of colours to choose from they last all day and smell good. The sades I’ve been using are 56 Boho Nude, 54 Rock ‘N’ Rolla and 53 Retro Red.

PICT0051 (1)

Shower Gel & Body Butter

The shower gel I have been loving at the moment is the Korres Bergamot & Pear shower gel it smells amazing and it leaves your skin feeling great, this is something I will be using again.

I’m loving Jack Wills body butter in fragrance English Velvet, the good things about this are unlike other body butters it absorbs easily into the skin with no sticky residue and leaves the skin silky smooth and smelling amazing.

PICT0046 (1)

This outfit is comfy and cosy, probably too cosy with the hot weather that we are getting at the moment. This sweatshirt a recent purchase from Holister which is just so comfy and cosy and even better, it is going to be perfect for Autumn and Winter.

These jeans are in my favourites, not only are they comfortable but they’re also the perfect fit.

I  have been looking for a pair of leopard print shoes for a while and when I found these I fell in love with them. Plus they go with anything – a perfect pair.

the karenlouise xx